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Josh's Story

Josh Kincaid is a Capital Markets Analyst at SuperChronics and a Global Trade Logistics Specialist at the World Trade Center in Tacoma providing CBD companies an opportunity to list products for domestic and international wholesale on the WTC Tacoma's e-commerce platform hosted on Alibaba called the Export Store.

In a galaxy far far away, Josh was a Securities Risk Analyst managing a $650 million fund in the Investment Banking Industry with proven success in finance, compliance, and operations within a highly regulated industry. He experienced the Financial Industry’s stringent regulatory environment and survived a myriad of regulatory changes in the Cannabis Industry. Yet remain informed of potential changes that could impact the industry, to best leverage his client’s resources and maximize success.

Josh has been connecting individuals and businesses within all facets of the supply chain since his internship at the World Trade Center. He keeps a finger on the pulse of the industry utilizing technology and data from sources such as HeadSet, New Frontier Data and The Brightfield Group, remaining informed by analyzing that data compared to economic market reactions over the past 7 years.

Josh also produces a cannabis business podcast called The Talking Hedge. He received a degree in International Business Management from Western Washington University and a Masters in Finance from City University of Seattle and intends to leverage his resources and expertise to drive the Cannabis Industry further.


"The Cannabis Industry is in a constant state of flux, learn to pivot to stay relevant." ~Josh Kincaid

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Josh Kincaid's Mission

I began using medical cannabis after shoulder surgery in college. I continued using cannabis in lieu of prescription narcotics and then started growing to ease the pain of a friend who was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I rolled up my sleeves and got my hands dirty with Medical Marijuana in Washington State (RCW69.591A) and started The Seattle SuperChronic Cafe in 2015.


The concept of the cannabis cafe was to provide an access point for MMJ members to consume and hang out in a safe environment. However, Washington State passed a law that same year making it a felony to own and operate a marijuana lounge. In 2019 I became the Chair of the Marijuana Lounge Committee at The Cannabis Alliance and drafted a bill allowing for consumption lounges. However, COVID-19 has lowered the priority of social consumption bills, as delivery more than likely gets fast-tracked.  ​


An Active Cannabis Lifestyle utilizing full spectrum CBD and THC products showcases how cannabis can be used to enhance your active life. Whether used to recover from a difficult cross fit session or to unwind at the end of your stressful job, I believe cannabis is the superfood to help meet our health needs and goals.

Contact The Cannabis Alliance and get involved!

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